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Don't Mess With Texas Trash Off

Texas Trash off will be April 10, 2021!


The Don’t Mess with Texas Trash Off event supports efforts to clear Texas roadsides of trash during the month of April. 

Register your group using the form at the bottom of this webpage!

Available Cleanup Locations: 

Location A- Area Around Kemp Carver Elementary

Location B- Newton Street: Zone 1 & Newton Street: Zone 2

Location C- Area Around Jane Long Middle School

Location D- Groesbeck Street Area

Location E- Area Around Sam Rayburn Middle School

Location F- Austin's Colony Parkway East & Austin's Colony Parkway West

Location G- Spring Loop: Part 1 & Spring Loop: Part 2

Location H- States Streets

Location I- Wellborn Road: Section 1

Location J- Wellborn Road: Section 2

Location K- Area Around Ringer Library

Location L- College Station Walmart Area

32500- Texas Trash Off Registration

Group Leader Information