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Recycled Art Contest

Kindergarten through Second Grade Artists

Artist: “Sunshine"

Grocery Bag Container


I used a recycled wipes container that was collected as litter on the ground in my neighborhood. 

Artist: Benjamin L.

Robot Skateboarding Dog


My recycled materials are toilette paper roll, lids, and a cardboard box. I also upcyled spare buttons and a pipe cleaner. I picked up the lids from my school playground.

Artist: Isadora L.

Robot Monkey


My recycled materials are toilette paper roll, lids, and a newspaper. I also upcycled spare button, a pipe cleaner, and a pompom. 

Artist: Zach

Recycle Bot


Description of materials used: plastic cups and paperboard. 

Artist: MAX

My Name


Description of materials used: paper roll tubes, empty water bottles, egg carton, pipe cleaners. I collected my materials from our recycle bin and a grocery parking lot. 

Artist: Tiger Den: Cubscout Pack 62

Good Knights


Tiger level Cubscouts (1st Graders) are asked to design and build a small castle using recycled material. This is part of the Good Knight adventure on citizenship, conservation, and service. For this project, they brought recycled material from home (mainly cardboard) and designed their artwork. In addition to food boxes and shipping boxes, they used discarded twine from someone’s garden, left over mask fabric, and reused old craft pipe cleaners to hold their flags. The castle includes a useable drawbridge and finely decorated towers.

Third through Fifth Grade Artists

Artist: NAT

Mini Elevator for Dolls


Description of materials used: kitchen paper roll tube, empty box of snacks, cord, construction paper leftovers.  

Artist: Trinidad L.

My Neighborhood


I used lids, toilet paper roll, news paper, wrapping paper, brown paper bag, color paper, cardboard, egg carton, aluminum can. Also used as upcycling materials buttons and a bottle cork. Some of the lids were picked up from my school playground 

Artist: Hayden

Christmas Bot


Description of materials used: cardboard box, paper, plastic bottle, paperboard.  

Adult Artists

Artist: Saheeba V.

Newspaper Vase


Description of materials used: newspaper, cardboard box.

Artist: Maevey C.

Birds of a Feather Recycle Together


Artist Statement: 

Creating these pieces was a lot of fun, and using recycled materials is always a challenge that has become a medium I absolutely love. Not only do I use recycled materials to make my pieces, but even my canvases are recycled- many of which I have found on the curbs of Bryan and College Station. 

Submission 1: Blue Eyed Cockatoo

Each Feather was cut, shaped and strategically placed by hand then applied to a canvas using glue to create a beautiful textured effect. I found a huge book of Pantone paint swatches in a recycling bin on TAMU campus, and was instantly inspired to create art using the swatches. 

Submission 2: Pair of Flamingos

In this piece, I also used paint swatches, cut and layered by hand to make this sweet couple nuzzling at sunset. 

Submission #3: Toucan

Stunning toucan comprised of recycled materials found around College Station: buttons, beads, ribbons, straws, clothing size markers, lace, feathers, yellow ugly line, caution tape, a whistle, and netted bags that fruit came in.