Memorial Tree Program

How it works: Your donation of $100 goes toward the purchase of a live tree that will be planted in one of our community parks or along one of our local roadways. An acknowledgement letter will be sent to the donor, and to the honoree of the donation.

The planting of memorial TREES is an age old tradition throughout the world. TREES have always been recognized as Nature’s best gift to humankind. The planting of TREES has always symbolized life, growth and hope for the future.The gift of a tree can be given in memory or in honor of a life well lived and as a symbol of everlasting affection. Donating a tree is also a wonderful way to leave a lasting, living thing for all to enjoy. Please consider this opportunity to add lasting beauty to our community for years to come by making your donation of $100 or more in honor or memory of someone you love, respect or admire. For more information, contact us at 775-3569 or  [email protected]

Why Plant Trees?

  • Trees are a major generator of pure oxygen
  • Trees clean pollutants from our air
  • Trees purify ground water
  • Trees aerate soil and minimize flood damage
  • Trees reduce noise and glare
  • Trees provide shade, reducing energy consumption
  • Trees increase property value
  • Trees add beauty and tranquility to our lives
  • Trees are essential to life on Earth
  • Your donation of just one tree is significant