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How can you be a Planet Protector? We can show you!

5-B Nature Series:            monarch
Crafted for ages 4-11, this series explores how certain creatures affect the balance of nature and how they can help us to keep our community clean, green, & beautiful. Bats, Bees, Birds, Bugs, and Butterflies each play a vital role in our community. We can help you understand the importance of these tiny little creatures to the environment and our food supply. Contact us today to schedule a classroom lesson on one or more of these topics!

               ocean blanket                   Ocean in a Bottle:
Our oceans are becoming increasingly polluted by plastics. Let us tell you and your group about the effects of plastics in the ocean and how it negatively effects our environment. We can show you how to do your part in helping to stop litter in our oceans.


Basic Litter Control/Recycling:
We can talk to your students/group about the importance of litter control, recycling, and the effects it has on our environment.


Planet Protectors Leadership Group:
Being a Planet Protector involves an active leadership role in our community. Keep Brazos Beautiful offers leadership opportunities to students in grades 7-12 through a school club or organization. This is an opportunity for students to take on a leadership role at various events and programs, outside of the traditional volunteer opportunities. Students assist with planning activities, organizing, leading, and coordinating an event or program.

Student groups must be accompanied by a school employee/representative and be a part of an established school club/organization. Your organization must commit to participating for the nine month school calendar period. Space is limited, so contact us to find out how your school club/organization can participate in this experience.



Contact us today to schedule a classroom visit or to find out more about our educational outreach programs at: [email protected]

COMING SOON!! Adult Education Programs. Stay tuned for some really informative adult education topics.