Monday-Thursday: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Community Resources

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Electronics, mobile phones, & televisions:

Best Buy in College Station


KAMU Car Recycle Program

Wheels for Wishes Car Recycling

Vehicles for Veterans

Bryan Brickyard Automobile Recycling

Scrap Metal:

Brickyard Metal Recycle Center

Hazardous Materials:

Twin Oaks Landfill Hazardous Waste Program

*Twin Oaks has certain dates they will accept hazardous materials; please check their availability before taking your materials.


City of Bryan Recycling Information

*Bryan Residents only, copy of BTU bill required.

Other Recycling Items:

Take to Bryan Recycle Center

Glass (must be clear, brown or amber) 

Plastic (must be #1, #2, clear or colored bottles, or plastic grocery bags)

Metal cans (must be food or beverage cans)

Paper (newspapers, glossy magazines & catalogs)

Cell Phones and Cell Phone Batteries

E-Waste (chargeable batteries: cordless phones, tools, computers, cameras, toys)

When it comes to production, paper bags require 2.2 times more energy and 4.7 times more water to manufacture than plastic bags. Paper bags are also nine times heavier, meaning they use more energy to transport.