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Keep Brazos Beautiful

Keep Brazos Beautiful, Inc. is a non-profit 01(c)3organization,  Founded in 1980 by Jack and Dorothy Miller, Keep Brazos Beautiful’s mission is “to educate and engage Brazos County citizens to keep our community clean, green, and beautiful”.

At Keep Brazos Beautiful, we focus our efforts and programs in four distinct areas: Litter Control, Recycling, Beautification, and Education.  We focus on building relationships in our community that will assist us in improving our local environment by eliminating litter, reducing waste, and beautifying our neighborhoods.  We understand that the best way to reach our goals and mission is to form partnerships with our community residents, businesses, and governmental entities.

Keep Brazos Beautiful serves our community by serving as a local resource for environmental issues, and through education and direct projects that increase awareness for our four target areas.  Keep Brazos Beautiful programs and events contribute to the strength of our local economy by making our community a clean, green, and beautiful place to live, work, and visit.


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