Thank you!
Volunteer Registration for Texas Reds Festival has closed!
Please check back next week for an opportunity to volunteer with Keep Brazos Beautiful at our annual tree sale!

Volunteer FAQ

We maintain a Calendar of Events under our “About Us” tab, and we send out emails promoting future events. If you would like to find out more information about a specific upcoming event, please either visit the corresponding page under our “Programs” tab, or feel free to email us and ask your question to a real person! (select “Contact Us” under the “About Us” tab)
To sign up as a volunteer with Keep Brazos Beautiful, simply complete the correct application form ( ADULT or Youth) and submit it to [email protected] We will add you to our volunteer database.  
You will always receive an email outlining the required clothing along with other handy info for an event. We send the reminders to the email address you list on your application form, so make sure you carefully type the correct email address in the form
First, make sure that you have chosen to accept emails from KBB; that is how we will communicate details about events, any changes (including cancellations), and necessary information like meeting place, schedule, what to wear, etc. Before every event that we put on, we will send you a reminder email with necessary information. You can always email your questions to [email protected]